Reclaimed parts

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With access to over 1 million parts our national reclaimed parts solution is a simple sustainable environmental option.


We have the largest inventory of reclaimed parts in the UK, available off the shelf to clients within 24 hours and very competitively priced.


Why reclaimed parts?

  • Customer choice – Reclaimed parts vs new parts

  • Improved customer journey – Vehicle repaired rather than rendered total loss

  • Reduced downtime – Reclaimed parts are available for delivery within 24hrs, no VOR delays for ordered parts resulting in downtime for the vehicle

  • Reduced costs – Significant savings from RRP

  • Improved efficiency – It takes less energy to recycle a part than it does to make a new part

  • Environmentally friendly – Minimise landfill with less material being thrown away

  • Reduced carbon footprint – As we have the parts on the shelf it reduces the need to import parts reducing our and your carbon footprint


Did you know?


Some modern day cars contain in the region of 10 miles of copper wiring

And contain between 10 and 60 electronic control units

This leaves the body shell of the car which is melted down and recycled


The following vehicle parts can be recycled

– Fuel
– Engine coolant
– Washer bottle fluids
– Brake fluid
– Transmission oil
– Air conditioning gas
– Suspension unit oil
– Tyres, batteries*
– Panels - steel or aluminium*
– Door mirrors*
– Trims, bumpers*
– Lights, glass*
– Catalytic convertor, exhausts*
– Engine and transmission*
– Dashboard*
– Door trim*
– Seats, carpets*
– Electrical items, motors, ecu's etc.*


                                                                                        * Parts available for recycling by e2e

We are keen to work with your business to support the drive to help the environment and recycle more parts

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6 steps

  1. Repairer creates an estimate highlighting parts required


2. Estimate with parts request arrives at e2e


3. Parts are sourced with the group


4. e2e advise what parts are available


5. Repairer to liaise with client/engineer and seek authorisation to proceed with the order


6. e2e process order and arrange delivery within 24hrs